The Homy

How does it work?

Our holistic solution is a smart walking aid that adapts in real time using artificial intelligence to maximize patient progress. The Homy is connected to a mobile application that will provide clinically validated rehabilitation programs to drive patient engagement, while enabling remote monitoring for caregivers.


Thus, we aim to reproduce the rehabilitation sessions of health professionals, at home, with a solution that is accessible to all.

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Patient engagement

Remote patient monitoring


Test of concept

This is Nayla, a 7 year old with cerebral palsy.
Arms free to use
Partial weight support
Corrected leg position

Nayla dans la Homy version 4

Nayla's favorite thing about the Homy is that she can use her hands while in it, so she can play outside with her brother! The Homy is also lightweight, and the adjustable partial weight rest really enhances Nayla's progress.

Nayla's mom

Laurent Ballaz

Lawrence  Ballaz, PhD

"The optimal support enjoyed by the child while walking offers new perspectives for the rehabilitation of locomotion"

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Dr. Desiree B. Maltais, PhD, PT

"Ora's walking aid is an innovation that learns with the child!"